The makers of this short film have created their version of an initiation video to the (Bavarian) Illuminati society – called Illumicorp. The strategy is based on the Zionist “plan 2000” revealed in the Protocols of Zion. Do also check out the Talmud for further understanding how these Satanic beings operate. If you are interested in finding out truth about the Bavarian Illuminati check out Fritz Springmeier and perhaps also Svali.

Who are the Zionists? There are much to be read about the Khazarian Zionist “so-called” “self-styled” “Jews”. These Zionists (a.k.a Bolsheviks) took over Russia in 1917 and introduced communism. They (the Zionists) are since long in control of Israel, Europe and the U.S. To mention a few countries. You may want to take note that China joined the “Communist club” in the 1950’s.

So, who will save us from the Zionists? The Truth will save us. Learn the Truth and spread the word. America is our last hope – if America fall, the world will fall.

2 thoughts on “ILLUMICORP

  1. MJ says:

    “noyb”, if you feel there is no hope to hold on to then I feel sorry for you, my friend. Then, per your own words, you are truly living in HELL (HELL = the absence of Light).

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