Mind Control Electronic Harassment

Private investigator specializing in electronic counter-measures, Roger Tolces discusses how surveillance and harassment has shifted from hardware to bio-coded directed energy. After viewing secret Russian spy documents, he believes the US is now using DNA sequencing to develop new mind control techniques, which can target individuals as well as specific ethnic groups.

Tolces said many of his clients suffer from what is called voice-to-skull technology (V2K)– a relentless set of voices talking inside a person’s head. These non-stop voices can lead to physical and psychological problems for the victim.

3 thoughts on “Mind Control Electronic Harassment

  1. Dr. Hall says:

    While I have never met Mr. Tolces, I have reviewed his website and his work. I have referred several clients in the CA area to him that are experiencing electronic harassment. I am glad to have him in the fight against this horrible misuse of technology. As some of you might know, I recently published the true account of a Texas woman who was stalked, drugged and raped by a former FBI agent using satellite surveillance technology to victimize her. After exposing them they turned their sites on me as well. A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America is currently available at Barnes and Noble or at the website http://www.satweapons.com.

  2. Donna Lynn Shaneyfelt Johnson says:

    I didn’t read or watch the clips, because I am living it. The sad part about it is the involvement of my family. Why would they help with this. I have reported poisoning. Never been tested for it. I have reported drivers license stolen. Nothing is being done. They even let someone else use my license. They even have their picture on it. I am homeless, my address change several times a year. When I am at a place poisoning is being done ingestion inhaling or through absorption of the skin. I have no where to go. Harassed when I worked so now I don’t work. I have known for over 3 years of this. It is a trademark of the Chip In The Head, known as Voice Of God. The name changes for purpose of one doing it. Their purpose or excuse is all lies of course, but it is told to gather help. I have tried to put charges on these people who run Etowah County Court Referral. I was denied. My husband whom I have been separated from now over 3 years is apart of this also. His girlfriend is one the ones using my identity. I have made over 500 phone calls reaching out for help. The law enforcement deny any involvement in this or even knowing about this. Technology being so advanced how could they not know. Can you imagine a group of people doing this? Who are they to decide if you annually gross an amount of money each year. Who are they to decide if you should be at a certain level in the social bracket. The ones doing this are making it impossible for you to get ahead by intervention. Basically this is the Mark Of The Beast. They are trying to make me accept this because I called them with threats of a lawsuit. You would not believe the things they are saying to me. You would not believe the things they have told me to do with the promise to stop. I am not in the legal system anymore. Nor have I been in any drug related arrest recently. False charges have came upon me. Why? If you can help please help me. Of course my email has been tapped in on . Donna Lynn Shaneyfelt Johnson

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