“A ‘New’ Concept of the Universe”, by Walter Russell

Newton, Einstein, Hawking and Sagan have all been dethroned for the false science they taught for their corporate masters. The false academic sciences have been utterly demolished within the pages of the many volumes written by Walter regarding the true Nature of our Universe.

The Stream of images in this vid series is a collection of the diagrams created by Walter Russell in his attempt to explain the simple yet extremely detailed Cosmology which was revealed to him by the very Universal Mind which is our source.

We are all of Universal Mind and therefore we have access to all knowledge when we commune with that which is our higher selves (God).

More info?
If you want more on Truth then check out Phoenix Journal #22, #31, #32, #33, #34, #35, #36 and #37. Follow this link to find the journals/books. Download and print out. Free.

2 thoughts on ““A ‘New’ Concept of the Universe”, by Walter Russell

  1. Gnosis says:

    Okay, he’s right on the money, and the capstone that addresses how to regain cognizance as a Creator focal point is found in the Games Manual by Dennis H. Stephens. The two fit like a hand in a glove.

  2. chrome64 says:

    Good stuff…thank you sooo much for putting these video’s together.
    I understand Russell’s science so much better now! Can’t wait till the main stream scientific community and industry starts to adapt and integrate these fundamental dynamics of nature.

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