Jafari After Meeting UN Official



Mrs. Kane has briefed the interested delegations on the findings of the investigating team of Dr. Sellström during the visit to Syria.

The briefing was interesting and I guess the Secretary General or one of his aides — whether Mrs. Kane or anybody else — would brief you on their own assessment. However, as far as the prevailing situation with regards of Syria is concerned, I would like to share with you the following remarks.

Number one, I urge the media to act fairly, objectively, without any biased agenda and not to be part of this biblical language and talks initiated by some of the influential American media. I say this because the media might be one of the new types of Weapons of mass destruction IF it conducts its business in the wrong way.

Syria and the fate of thousands of the Syrian people are at stake because of these allegations, miscalculations, accusations, all of them are unfounded with regards of the use of the so-called chemical weapons.

Senator Kerry came out recently, three days ago, to declare what he called “high confidence reports”, “intelligence reports”, [which] have proven that chemical weapons were used in Syria. This disclosure is highly amazing because the Syrian government, in an official letter sent to the Secretary General, as well as to the members of the Security council, on December 18th, 2012, cautioned and warned the so-called international community against the possibility of seeing the armed groups possessing, or supplied by chemical, poisonous substances by some governments working against the Syrian government or outside of the area. And then these armed groups would use these chemical substances against the civilians and the military and consequently accuse the Syrian government of doing so. WE said that on December the 18th, 2012.

One day after the attack of Khan al-Assal in Aleppo — meaning which happened as you know on 19th of March — eighteen hours after the attack had occurred the Syrian government, once again, informed the Secretary General as well as the members of the Security Council of the use of chemical substances by the armed groups in Khan al-Assal against civilians and military.

It took Mr. Cain and the American administration almost eight months to come up to the international community with this very big disclosure of saying, “You know what? Chemical substances were used in Syria. And that is in itself a proof that the Syrian government did it!”

I wonder on which basis a great power intelligence, such as the United [States], could act unilaterally and could adopt such grotesque language to attack a sovereign nation, a member of the United Nations, such as Syria. And then, who appointed the American administration to anticipate on the outcome and the final findings of the mission of the investigation? How could the United States of America act, unilaterally speaking, from outside of the context of the United Nations?

Who asked Mr. Obama to be the bully of the world? Why not wait until the investigative team, headed by Dr. Sellström, has finalized and completed its mission of investigation?

And then, I am sure you have all heard about MANY counter evidences produced and submitted by Russia, by other important reporters and journalists and intelligences, on the fact that the armed groups in Khan al-Assal used the chemical substances. And the proof is that the day we concluded the agreement with Dr. Sellström and the Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, on sending the investigators to Khan al-Assal, the same day the armed groups and the terrorists of Al-Qaeda and [Al Nusrah?] invaded Khan al-Assal again and slaughtered 300 people, military and civilians of its own residence, because all of them were eyewitnesses of what happened in Khan al-Assal on March the 19th, 2013.

Then the Russians submitted a report of 80 pages, [a scientific] report, to the Security Council as well as the Secretary General. What happened to this report submitted two months ago? What happened to this report? 80 pages!

[MJ: Note that today a full 100-page report has just been submitted to the G20 members at the summit in Moscow.]

The Russian reporter, Anastasia Popova, did the same. She was in Khan al-Assal the SAME day this appalling crime took place and she made a reportage of her own and she submitted these proofs and evidences to the Secretary General. What happened to her testimony?

I am sure you heard two days ago about this EXTREMELY alarming article published by Mrs. Dale Gavlak, the Associated Press correspondent in Amman in Jordan. She is a reporter that has been in Amman, Jordan, for ten years working for the American agency, the Associated Press, and she was covering the issue of [the suburbs of Damascus] incidents, meaning the use of chemical substances in [the suburbs of Damascus] on the 21st. She was covering the story from the opposition side, as she says, and she met with those who perpetrated the use of chemical substances in [the suburbs of Damascus] on the 21st. She met with them and they told her that the Saudi intelligence, the so-called Prince Bandar, the head of the Saudi intelligence, provided them with these chemical substances and ASKED them to use it against the government.

But do you know what? According to her, not me, these guys are ignorant and they are not highly trained and qualified because they are amateurs, not real fighters, they didn’t know how to use it. They tried to catapult in a very rudimentary manner, these chemical substances, on the other side, the Syrian military side. But they failed and the substances exploded into their own hands and this is why we have this huge number of killings. All of them innocent because we are talking about SYRIAN victims.

Believe me, I am a diplomat, I am here to extinguish fires. I am not here to be an arsonist and a fireman at the same time. I am defending the fate of my own people. We are not war mongers. We are not here to defy the American arsenal. The American cruise missiles are blind. They are not smart. They will kill innocent civilians the way they did it in Iraq in 1991 when they shelled Al Ameria civilian shelter and killed 500 kids and women.

President Obama speaks about not the change in the regime. He said that it will not be Afghanistan. It will not be Iraq. WHO guarantees the day after? Who guarantees what will happen the day after? And what does it mean sending a couple of hundreds cruise missiles and tomahawk over the heads of the Syrian people? Would Obama save or revenge the fate of dozens of Syrian kids by killing thousands of them? It doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t make sense, neither politically or militarily speaking.

We need the American administration to get involved, POSITIVELY speaking. The role of United States is VERY important in HELPING us, ALL of the Syrians, helping the Russians, helping Al Ibrahimi, to have everybody going to Geneva to settling this Syrian crisis around the table of negotiations and dialogue, nationally dialogue, which should be conducted by the Syrians themselves. NOT by sending cruise missiles opening a new drama in the area after what happened in Iraq and Libya.

Those who are pushing the President Obama to get involved in another war in the area, they are doing that on purpose weather they are republicans or democrats. I mean here I am referring to the hard-liners in the Congress and the Senate. THEY want Obama to have blood on his hands the way George Bush had it in Iraq. Barack Obama put an end to the military presence in Iraq. Barack Obama promised to withdraw from Afghanistan. Barack Obama got the Nobel (peace) prize doing it. Barack Obama went to Cairo to address the Arabic and Islamic world and he said there that there will be more wars!

Where is this Barack Obama? Where is he nowadays when he speaks about preparations for striking. He calls it striking! This is not a strike. This is going to be an aggression according to the United Nations charter provisions.

Thank you very much!


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