The Phoenix Journals – quote

“The New World Order has come a long way since the start of the present banking system, the creation of Freemasonry, the United States, and the French Revolution.

When you Look at how far the Elite plan has been allowed to progress, it is a sobering thought. And one which I trust will activate the determination within each of us to regain control of our own destiny (or the destiny of nations).  This we can and will do, but the bottom line is knowing that the manipulation exists, how it works, and to what end.  Without that knowledge, we are at the mercy of the manipulators, because a calculated long-term strategy will go on being presented as singular events unconnected with each other.

Three attitudes work well toward achieving a positive, constructive community: wanting to do (not just achieve) the work of building community, believing in this work as life-affirming and good, and knowing that its possible. Seeing the larger picture of your relationship to the world is immeasurably valuable, and vital. It does much to dispel loneliness amid the illusion of separation from other people, and from the world.

We are part of the Creation, and it is an illusion to pretend that we are somehow above it or separate from it.

Listening is one of the lost arts. It was a part of the recent enough past, however, that we are able to retrieve it.  Among the Native American people, the elders were listened to in a way that’s hard to explain. In modern America, we learn to listen shallowly, enough to memorize facts, or to detect points we want to refute, or enough to make someone feel respected, as duty requires. So often we listen to the words but not the message. We hear the notes but not the music, see the lines but not the art. It is truly our loss that we cannot see anew through the eyes of another.

There are two kinds of listening that are essential in a community: listening to the voice of spirit, and listening to the voice of individual and collective need within the community. When community members learn to listen, both they and the community experience miraculous growth.

No one community can be all things to all people.  Learning what we reasonably can and cannot do is essential, and difficult.

Human apathy and naiveté are the greatest weapons of the Elite.  Opening ourselves spiritually and realizing the full glory of Creation is wonderful. But if people float around in some spiritual mist, their feet dangling from the ceiling, they are copping out, and the complacency in so many areas of spiritual movements is staggering in the light of world events.

Knowledge is never disempowering.  But ignoring it is. What is more negative and disempowering than being manipulated every day towards a global fascist dictatorship while having no idea that it is even happening?  What is more negative than having thoughts placed into our minds which we believe to be our own?  And what does “negative energy” do, if it is not addressed?  It stays negative, or gets more so. It is much easier to live in some semi-dream world where words like love and peace are scattered around like confetti while the Elite go on unchallenged because to expose their manipulation is considered “too negative”.

It is easy to speak words, much harder to live them. And if we are going to change this world for the better, then words like love, peace, respect, and freedom need to be lived and not just parroted. As its foundation, any guide to freedom needs a thorough knowledge of why and how that freedom has been removed in the first place. Without that, there can be no answers. But answers there are if we have the courage and the vision to stop playing around and get on with it.” – The Phoenix Journals

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