History of Colloidal Silver

We Are Change Frankfurt travels 140km north of Stockholm Sweden to meet up with Shanti Ritam. Together they travel 600km south to bring you this exclusive interview with Anders Sultan of Ion Silver a Colloidal Silver Company.

Colloidal silver water is a solution of pure water that has very small particles of silver ionized and suspended in it. Most people don’t think of silver as a helpful health benefit to the body, but metals are often useful and even vital to the body when broken down into small ionized particles and absorbed.

So what exactly is an ion? Ions are atoms or molecules with a positive or negative electrical charge. Unless water is deionized, it already contains many common elements and minerals, like copper, iron, sodium, calcium and others. Cations are ions with a positive charge, and anions have a negative charge. Water by itself has no positive or negative charge.

Throughout the centuries and well into our modern time, silver in its various forms has been used by mankind to great effect. Milk farmers would use a silver bucket to collect the milk. The raw milk could then be left unrefrigerated for many hours without the chance of spoiling. It’s also interesting to note that some cultures would add crushed silver to a newborn’s first bath as a measure of protection against a threatening world

It may surprise you to know that amongst our early settlers it was known that by throwing a silver dollar into their drinking wells and water receptacles, they were able to keep the water drinkable by killing off any bacteria that was likely present. In effect they were creating their own medicinal colloidal silver preparation. Did you know that the phrase “being born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth” was actually coined during the period where plagues were frequent in Europe, in which affluent families would give their children silver spoons to suck on.

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