Part One: References
Part one proves that musical artists a lot of the time refer to words or names such as, “Rain Man”, “Umbrella Ella Ella Ella Ehh”, “Illuminati” and “New World Order”.

Part Two: Why In Plain Sight?
Once you understand the reasons for why the Illuminati hide things in plain sight, you will then be able to more easily grasp the information presented further on in this series.

Part Three: Who Is Rain Man?
Rain Man explained.

Part Four: Rain Man Continued
Did you spot a subliminal message near the beginning of the video? If so, then congratulations. This proves that you’re always aware of manipulation techniques being used even with the people you trust. Most of my subscribers are Muslim and so this subliminal message was directed towards them. Proof of this is the fact that you can’t worship Allah unless you’re following the religion of Islam with your intention to. If I had put any other subliminal message, such as worship Satan, it would cause people to think I’m a satanist, which is what I don’t want. I was interested to see how many of my Muslim subscribers would pick this up, and I’ve received a lot of PMs about it, so thank you all for not commenting on the video about this! Don’t forget to check all my other uploaded videos for subliminal messages! [FarhanK501]

Part Five: Devils Night

Part Six: Destroying DMX
Please post this video everywhere you can!

Part Seven: The Michael Jackson Sacrifice
Share this video as much as you can!

Part Eight: Michael Jackson’s Vitiligo

Part Nine: Why the Illuminati killed Michael Jackson

RELIGIONS are of MAN; Spirituality is of God Creator. You are, in the physical manifestation, of man — therefore your Spirituality must always direct your human being toward LIGHT and Spiritual growth lest you become entrapped in the very thing you claim to detest.

But as babies learn to walk, talk and master growth — so too must each come to learn and know what IS and what is wrong that a society becomes unbalanced. The controllers like it as it is without your input — that is why you are kept ignorant and deceived. Do you simply want to wake up and smell the toast and coffee — or do you want to HAVE for self some of that toast and coffee? It is up to you. You cannot be an electrical engineer until you LEARN HOW ELECTRICITY BEHAVES! [Editor’s note]

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