Alternative 3

In 1977 Anglia Television broadcast a programme called Alternative 3, a film By Christopher Miles, which purported to show evidence of life on a scientific colony on Mars and how scientists were being shipped to the planet.

By the time the programme had finished the switchboard at ITV was jammed, partly by callers alarmed at the end of life on earth as we know it and partly by viewers, recognising the programme as a hoax, ringing to blame the channel of being irresponsible.

Thirty years later however, life on Mars is not as outrageous a statement as it once was.

I’ve been told, that apparently it has been banned from rebroadcast on British TV and undoubtedly add fuel to the conspiracy theorists fire – they believe that it was to blow the whistle on an actual government project and alien threat.

It’s worth watching to see a piece of broadcasting history, if not well known. The chuckle factor is definitely present, so you need to watch it as if it’s 1977. Length: 54:16

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