The Science Of Eternity

The greatest question affecting each and every human being is the question of death and dying. Do we simply cease to exist or do we pass quite naturally into the next world? Astounding personal encounters with supposedly dead relatives coupled with new scientific evidence based on quantum physics – the study of the invisible part of the universe – suggests that WE ALL SURVIVE death.

Written and presented by Alan Pemberton this 60 minute video features:

Ronald Pearson – This scientist’s papers linking survival after death with subatomic physics have been peer-refereed and published by physicists in Russia and the USA.

Michael Roll – The author of the pamphlet ‘The Scientific Proof of Survival After Death’.

Gwen and Alf Byrne – These parents have been physically reunited with their “dead” son, Russell, in several hundred repeatable experiments.

Tom Harrison – He tells the story of his the incredible mediumship of his mother, Minnie Harrison, who was one of the greatest materialisation mediums ever to make contact with people in the etheric universe.

David Icke – Talks about life after death.

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