(vaccination) Gary Null Speaking Out at the NYS Assembly Hearing 10-13-2009

Gary Michael Null, Ph.D. (born in 1945) is an American talk radio host and author on alternative and complementary medicine and nutrition. He is also a critic of the medical and psychiatric communities. Null is best known as a promoter of natural and alternative remedies. He has written or produced more than seventy books, booklets, and audio CDs on the topics of health, wellness, nutrition, and alternative medicine.

Gary Null has attacked many facets of mainstream medicine. He argues that physicians are not actively conspiring, but are just trained and conditioned to accept the premises of their profession. Null believes that physicians have an economic interest in sickness maintenance, not prevention. Null co-authored a series of articles on cancer research, new therapies, and political influence for Penthouse, beginning with one entitled “The Great Cancer Fraud”. He accused the “medical community of suppressing alternative cancer treatments to protect the medical establishment’s solid-gold cancer train.” In 1999 Time wrote: “From a young reporter this is to be expected. But two decades later, Null, 54, is still warning of a variety of medical bogeymen out to gull a trusting public.”

Gary Null is also a promoter of AIDS denialism, the belief that HIV is harmless or does not exist, and is not the cause of AIDS. Null sells self-produced films on his website that promote AIDS denialism.

[THANK YOU, Anders, for sending us these clips]

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