Mi6 James Casbolt-Aliens/military bases

James was born in London in 1976. He was chosen for an intelligence agency mind control and genetic enhancement programme before his birth and was born into the programme known as Project Mannequin. James was born into the project because of rare genetic attributes that he posses, which the handlers of the project are looking for – also, because of his family’s involvement in the intelligence community and the Illuminati. His family descends from the French royal family of the French revolution on his father’s side. His Grandfather was involved in naval intelligence in the Second World War.

Project Mannequin is a mind control and genetic manipulation programme run by the National Security Agency (NSA). Although the NSA is officially the United States government, they run many covert “black” projects in many countries around the world. The NSA is fast becoming the world’s most powerful secret service and is currently taking over much of the global intelligence apparatus. Project Mannequin was started in 1972 and is still being run from a 6-level underground facility beneath the small town of Peasemore in Berkshire, a few miles from where I grew up. This underground base is so secret that the local residents of Peasemore are not even aware it exists. Length: 37:19

The seven first chapters of James’ book. Click here.

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