Holocaust Denial movies

9 hours of free internet video about how the holocaust is a myth. A Huge Lie which justifies world War II, *Militarism* as a concept, and Mideast Colonialism.

A holocaust denial movie, in 30 episodes, on the subject of Treblinka, Sobibor, and Belzec. Banned at Youtube. Now back on-line on YouTube.



2 thoughts on “Holocaust Denial movies

  1. Jan Zondernaam says:

    The Holocaust – the deliberate genocide of approximately six million Jews by Nazi Germany – absolutely happened. In denying this, you’re implying all survivors are either lying or enormously exaggerating (quite paranoid, aren’t we?) And there are testimonies from former SS-personnel too, confirming that it did happen, but WTF do they know, right? There are also recordings, like Himmler’s Poznan speech and Hitler’s prediction of the coming annihilation of European Jewry for instance. The Nazis had motive, means and opportunity. Here’s more stuff: http://www.nizkor.org/features/qar/qar01.html.

    I used to think of all Holocaust-deniers as complete and utter retards. While it certainly is true that the percentage of total idiots is much higher among those who deny (or minimize) the Holocaust, I don’t think that anymore. There are plenty of intelligent people out there who deny or minimize the Holocaust (some academics and other intellectuals even). But of course, such people can also be dead wrong (it’s happened a few times before, you know). Intelligent people can paradoxically also be very stupid, precisely because they’re so intelligent. You see, they’re intelligent enough to rationalize absurd things they simply want to be true.

    I don’t think denying the Holocaust should be a crime. Idiotic as it is, it is nonetheless part of freedom of speech. The fact that it’s currently illegal in many countries, is simply because it’s extremely insensitive and hurtful. This makes you think there is actually something to hide or to cover up (truth doesn’t fear ?), when there in fact isn’t. By decriminalizing Holocaust-denial this argument is taken away from you.

    I would at least have some respect for you, if you just admitted it did happen, and were glad about it (although that obviously would be a really disgusting statement). I think the problem is that you simply want to believe it didn’t occur, in order to maintain the warped belief that the Nazis – in general – weren’t evil fucks. It’s truly embarrasing and most people do see that. No wonder so many of you seem so incredibly frustrated. Pathetic.

    You want white people to produce more babies, in order to “save” the white race (like it’s actually endangered or something). Well, I’d say the last thing the Earth needs, is even more people, regardless of ethnicity. Earth’s capacity to sustain life is not unlimited, you know. The pressure is already enormous. Why do you think nature is doing so poorly? It’s no coïncidence that nature is shrinking in the pace humanity is growing. I think we need way less people. The survival of our planet is just a little bit more important than the survival of the white race, don’t you think? And even if the white race (or any other race for that matter) doesn’t survive in the end, then that’s just a form of evolution I guess. Tough shit.

  2. MJ says:

    Jan, you are entitled to hold any position you like re the holocaust. I have thoroughly studied this historical event and I have studied world history (political, economic, social and religious) and my conclusion is that the holocaust did not happen they way the official story claims. It does not mean Hitler was a good Godly person, absolutely not, and it does not mean that no Jews got hurt or died during WWII, but the numbers (6 million) is, in my opinion, not correct.

    The second part of your reply is taken out of thin air and is based on your assumptions of what I believe about this or that. Your claims about what I think is utter nonsense and not based on anything else than your own imaginations. You have absolutely no idea what my standpoint is on topics such as preservation of race, overpopulation, or the Earth’s capacity to hold 6 billion people, or more.

    Finally, I don’t care one iota what you think of me or my opinions. I beg you to please hold an open mind in your continuing search for Truth.

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